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  • Product Review: Fun Factory Pulsators
    6th Jul 2019

    Product Review: Fun Factory Pulsators

    Fun Factory pulsators are a line of toys that stimulate using thrusting instead of vibration and are

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  • Masturbation Yes/No/Maybe
    27th Jun 2019

    Masturbation Yes/No/Maybe

    I've already discussed some of the benefits of masturbation but what exactly can you do while mastur

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  • Debunking Common Sex Myths
    13th Jun 2019

    Debunking Common Sex Myths

    Unfortunately, when it comes to sex, there is a lot misinformation floating around and it can be so

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  • Product Spotlight: VajTats
    16th May 2019

    Product Spotlight: VajTats

    At The Velvet Lily we aren’t all about sex toys and lingerie, we also have some other accessories to

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