Why Use Body Safe Sex Toys?


Sex toys were created with the intentions to improve our sexual experiences. Over the years, doctors and scientists alike have agreed that sex toys provide a wide range of health benefits that come along with an enhanced sex life. However, lower quality sex toys can be made of harmful materials that can result in allergic reactions, rashes and infections. 

What Materials are Best for Sex Toys?

When it comes to our bodies and health, and our customers, we believe there should not be any compromising for pleasure and safety. Luckily in recent years, leading brands of the sex toy industry switched from materials that contained phthalates, which have been proven to be harmful to our bodies, and upgraded to high quality silicone and elastomer. At The Velvet Lily, we are adamant on providing our customers with only body-safe and eco-sexy products so while you are getting off, you never have a thought in the back of your head such as, "is this toy okay to use?" 

The World's Finest Sex Toys at The Velvet Lily

The Velvet Lily prides itself on its wide selection of top-of-the-line products that the sex toy industry offers. From our most expensive toys from LELO to our lower priced OVO products, you will find products with the best possible materials at price ranges that the average Joe can bare to afford. We also offer organic, natural lubes that will not cause irritations for even the most sensitive bodies.

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