Dual Motor Vibrators

Dual motor vibrators are the pinnacle of sex toy innovation. Featuring, as the name implies, two separate vibrating motors, these vibrators please in an entirely unique way. Some dual motor vibrators are modeled after the rabbit, and house a separate motor for each the clitoral and vaginal portion of the toy. Others house one motor in the tip and one motor in the shaft, to create a crosswind of vibrations for incredible internal stimulation.

The LELO Insignia: Soraya brings designer styles to the rabbit version of the dual motor vibrator, with both aesthetic and sensual beauty. Meanwhile, the LELO: Elise 2 turns the table and doubles down on internal stimulation for a truly unique experience. Jimmyjane: Form 6 takes a different approach and houses a motor in two separate ends, designed for alternating external and internal stimulation. With so many different forms, dual motor vibrators offer a swiss army knife approach to sex toy pleasure.

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