As Sex Toys have become more main stream and acceptable, couples are looking for ways to please each other simultaneously.  We have become more creative on how to integrate vibrators with foreplay and intercourse.  The number one couples vibrator sex toy has always been made by We-Vibe which is meant to be worn during intercourse of for solo play.  Now a number of these couples toys have remote and even blue tooth controls allowing intercontinental stimulation.  If you were looking for remote and app controlled partner toys - be sure to check out our Remote Control Vibrator Collection - Click Here.

Dame Products
Eva Hands Free Clitoral Vibrator Clitoral stimulation that is hands free, strap free, and worry free. No more wires and no need for bulky contraptions to hold this little blessing on your clitoris. Introducing the Eva from Dame Products. Made of silky...
We-Vibe Sync Beyond Blue Tooth. Hi tech pleasure for female solo or partner play that you can control from anywhere in the world. Get your partner off while you are traveling in another state or country and remind her how much you like gadgets. The...
PicoBong Transformer The PicoBong Transformer is the first sex toy that can be bent to bring the most intimate pleasures from solo play to partner fun for both males and females in any type of sexual relationship. It can be bent into any shape to conform...
Adrien Lastic
Adrien Lastic Play Ball Truly unique in its design, the Play Ball by Adiren Lastic is built to stimulate the A-Spot. The Anterior fornix, or the 'A Spot' is a excitable area between the cervix and the front vaginal wall. This erogenous zone is often...
We-Vibe Unite The We-Vibe Unite remote controlled couples vibrator provides hands-free clitoral stimulation for her, with a slim design that's comfortable and fun for you both.  This waterproof and silicone couples vibrator is the perfect couples...
Je Joue
Dua Vibrator w/ Pen Remote A toy that provides passion and discretion – there’s no superficial teasing with Dua, just deeper pleasure and enhanced intimacy. The ultimate in couples’ play, Dua enhances G-Spot and clitoral stimulation...