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Ultimate Guide to Oral Sex


Ultimate Guide to Oral Sex

Women want to know if they are good at giving a man oral sex, and how to give more pleasure through this intimate act. Men want to know how to ask for this most favored activity. Oral sex is intricate, playful and can give any couple more satisfaction in their lovemaking and in their relationship.

Includes everything couples need to know about what turns a man on and how to give him mind-blowing pleasure: 

  • Techniques to make oral sex outrageously fun for the woman, too
  • How doing it to him can be the sexiest experience she's ever had
  • Everything women need to know about rhythm, the 69 position, using tongue, lips and cheeks
  • 50 tips, tricks and techniques that will add pleasure and love to this sexiest gift a woman can give her man

Jane Merrill has written articles about art, style, popular culture, and relationships for dozens of magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Penthouse, New York, Vogue, Town & Country, and Gallery. Jane has degrees from Wellesley College and Harvard and Columbia Universities.

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