Tri Squeeze Cocksling Ball Stretcher Oxballs Silicone

Tri Squeeze Cocksling Ball Stretcher Oxballs Silicone

The Tril-Squeeze Cock Sling Ball Stretcher has everything from the original design but also comes with added ball stretcher on the base of the device. You can add size to your length and stretch the scrotum at the same time, some of you may be familiar with the traditional steel ring cock cages, well this one has all of those benefits without any of the uncomfortable design. It's versatile and you won't have trouble fitting it, no matter how big or small your penis is.

The stretcher faces outward to give a little extra thrusting power to your prowess. It's easy to clean and very durable too, so you won't need to keep replacing it.


  • Variable ring sizes for different shapes.

  • Comfortable stretch design.

  • Made with safe materials

Technical info

  • Height 2.5 inches, width 2.5 inches

  • Can stretch penis up to 1.25 inches, 1 inch or 0.9 inch

  • Weighs 3 oz

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