A common inquiry we tend to get, “are vibrators and dildos safe?” Tantus products give this question a very simple, easy answer. The brand's slogan says it all, "Good Clean Fun." Tantus uses a platinum based silicone, which tends to be more costly but you truly get what you pay for—a medical-grade quality odorless silicone that can be boiled, beached and even put in the dishwasher in order to properly clean. Eco-sexy is a term we love and it can be used to perfectly describe Tantus and what the brand stands for. All of Tantus sex toys are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free of phthalates making them completely environmentally friendly and most importantly, body safe. 

Tantus is famous for their Feeldoe dildo collection, an ironically strapless "strap-on" designed to give skin-on-skin contact without having to stop in order to adjust straps and buckles. The women's PC muscles hold it in place with the smaller protrusion, called the bulb, allowing the shaft of the dildo to naturally protrude. Since the classic Feeldoe dildo design was so widely loved that they expanded the line with three additional sizes: More, Slim and Stout, which all stray only a touch of the classic depending on what you prefer.

Tantus was one of the first sex toy companies who successfully started using silicone for dildo production. Sixteen years later, their mission continues to be committed to solely top of the line materials for their eco-sexy silicone dildos. Tantus’ sleek, interesting designs will leave you feeling like you just purchased the trendiest sex toy on the market.