System JO is not only doctor approved, but it is highly recommended. The company originally only worked with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies after collaborating with doctors to come up with a silicone lubrication made especially for women with vaginal dryness. After perfecting a formula, they have only continued to expand their customer base. They now target not only women with vaginal dryness, but also everyone else looking to enhance their overall sensual pleasure with that extra boost of slick sensation. Since expanding from silicone lubricants, System JO now offers water-based lubricants, stimulant gels and more. 

The Velvet Lily loves System JO because it started as a product made by women for women. Each System JO product is skillfully formulated to work with every single changing stage of the female body (and that’s a lot). A water-based lubricant is usually required for ultimate comfort while engaging with sex toys, particularly silicone. All of System JO’s water-based lubricants offer everything you love about silicone lubricants, excluding the oils, waxes and silicone. 

System JO distinguishes themselves from other lubrication brands by their attention to every customer’s needs and continuing to provide only high quality materials in their lubricants. By improving a wide range of lifestyles from 18-year-old male college students to women going through menopause, System JO is dedicated to increasing the pleasure and satisfaction one receives from their sacred intimate times.