Silicone Power Penis Pump

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Silicone Power Penis Pump

Silicone Power Pump

The unique look and feel of the Silicone Power Pump makes attaining the size and confidence you have dreamt about possible, and all without the risk of injury or any harmful side effects. With each squeeze , the specially designed pump ball helps you grow bigger, thicker, and stronger. With a soft silicone opening and comfort sitting for the pump, you will enjoy harder, longer, and more powerful erections that last and feel great! Th pump is designed for comfort and safety and features a quick-release valve that instantly relieves pressure at the push of a single button. The silicone provides perfect stimulation and feels amazing as you grow hard.


  • .68" length x 2.29" diameter
  • Insert length: 7.48"
  • Easy water clean up
  • Perfect for beginners or experts

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