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Myspray Stimulation Spray


Myspray Stimulation Spray

Prickling bubbles on the skin! pjur Myspray is an effective and stimulating intimate spray for women. Its special formula improves blood flow and circulation in the intimate areas of the body, increasing sensitivity and sexual arousal. You can test the effect simply by spritzing a little on your finger and then rubbing it on your lips or the inside of your cheek. Within 60 seconds, you'll feel a stimulating and light tingling feeling. Myspray is safe for daily use.

Ideally tailored to the needs of women and the female body. pjur created the products in the Woman series exclusively to enhance the wellbeing and pleasure of their women customers. With pjur's reliable and safe lubricants and intimacy sprays that stimulate arousal, pjur Woman products are as unique as you.


  • Only a few sprays needed
  • Increases sensitivity and sexual arousal
  • Increases blood flow and circulation in the intimate area of the body

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Water, Methyl Nicotinate

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