The smooth surface and heavier weight of Metal or Steel Dildos make it the ideal pleasure tool for g-spot stimulation and sensation play. Check out the Njoy PureWand. One side of this near perfect sex toy is larger for G-spot stimulation on one end, and smaller on the other for incredible prostate stimulation.  This highly rated toy is one of the most popular products in our store!  With the Njoy Fun Wand, try rocking the curved dildo back and forth for maximum pleasure.

Metal Dildos vs Glass Dildos

Metal dildos are known for their ability to absorb and maintain heat, allowing you to Njoy consistent, body temperature pleasure. Glass Dido's are appreciated for the ability to add texture to the dildo, such as the, Icicles #18. This allows for a complete pleasure experience, delivering powerful orgasms. For many though, metal dildos offer weight and a more full experience.  Metal didos have the reputation of providing a clean and deep experience, solo or for with your partner!


Pure Wand by Njoy Created precisely with the prostate and G-spot in mind, the hypoallergenic njoy Pure Wand provides top-rate sensual pleasure to both men and women. It works well with sensual lubricants. This product is constructed from medical-grade...
Fun Wand by Njoy The njoy Fun Wand is a classy, versatile tool to have in your lovemaking arsenal. Easy to clean with anything non-abrasive, it's also an excellent value considering it can be used alone or with others, its brilliant design lends to...
$310.00 $299.00
Eleven by Njoy Protracting (quite!) on the njoy streak, njoy self-effacingly proffers the Perfect Eleven. Bringing together revolutionary assembling know-how with njoy’s brand name style, they have gone a notch higher in the making of erogenous...