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Our Anal Toy collection is stocked with anal plugs like Hello Kitty Buttplugs, and princess butt plugs. No longer taboo, anal sex toys are exciting and erotic sex toys for him and her! Unlock a new world of pleasure with any one of these sexy and safe buttplug anal sex toys. Whether you're a butt beginner or anal expert, we guarantee you'll find something worth trying in our diverse collection.

Exploration of anal toys for men and women should be both fun and safe! Always use a toy with a flared base, or "flange," and lots of lubrication, as the anus is not self-lubricating. When you're playing with a bum, the golden rule is to lube, lube, lube, then lube some more!

The Velvet Lily has a wide variety of anal sex toys available. For those new to the game, butt plugs offer an exciting entry point, like this butt plug from Fun Factory. Or for a little more punch, try a vibrating butt plug to double your pleasure. Anal beads, like this set of anal beads, offer another approach to stimulation all of your nerve endings. And of course, don't forget about anal sex lubricants.

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