When you need to be penetrated by something more mechanical, and a male partner just can't handle your sex drive, make an investment into motor driven penetration.  No human can give the kind of speed and pounding that our sex machines can deliver for an indefinite amount of time.

Doc Johnson
The F-Machine Pro II This sex machine is extremely powerful and versatile featuring an adjustable thrust rod length, adjustable thrust depth of 1-6 inches and adjustable front and rear legs to suit various positions. The F-Machine Pro II features a 60...
$500.00 $399.00
Rumble Seat by Jimmyjane Sex Toys GET READY TO RUMBLE! Jimmyjane Sex Toys introduces the Rumble Seat, its there first lounge seat for clitoral stimulation. The Rumble Seat is curved and countored to be comfortable in multiple positions. The Clitoral...