Pro Cuff Kit Black Label

Pro Cuff Kit Black Label Black

Pro Cuff Kit Black Label

Liberator Pro Cuff Kit includes everything you need to tenderly tie-down and tease a rebellious lover: Plush blindfold with satin nose bridge; Wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs with adjustable velcro closure; 6 cuff connectors; 6 20" tie downs.  Each tether terminates in a lasso that you can loop around bedposts or furniture.  Comfy cuffs are lavishly lined in incredibly soft black faux fur.  These accoutrements work with Liberator Shapes and Fascinator Black Label products.

Black Label and animal prints are made of a patent-pending Microfiber combination of nylon and cotton, it feels like the softest velvet, yet it's much hardier than velvet and can be tossed into your washing machine. Colored kits are lined in a fluffy, incredibly soft faux fur.  Each piece is carefully double-stitched and edge-bound in microfiber.


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