Ramp Sex Pillow by Liberator

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Liberator Ramp

Everyone is lucky enough to find the 'spot' now and again, imagine if that spot was strategically placed in a reliable position for attack... Would you enjoy the show of increased spasms and toying with the electrified nerve endings of your lover? (Who wouldn't!)

The Liberator is an innovative erotic cushion, specially designed to target those zappy sweet spots and enrich the sexual conquests of all. The deeply sloped elevation of 12 inches is perfect for enhancing sensitivity and accentuating proper entry. Positions like doggie-style, anal sex, reversed cowgirl and more, are gifted with longer durations of comfort while stabilizing bodies for increased rhythmic penetration.

A microfiber surface of nylon and cotton offers a velvety-smooth feel while providing a velcro-like attachment to additional cushions. With so many shapes, sizes, and colors, you and your partner have the ability to create a vast erotic playground.