Kink Wet Works Fitted King Sheet Waterproof Black


This one is great for if you get really wet during sex, are known to squirt or use any type of liquids to enhance your experiences in the bedroom. The Fitted King Sheet will protect your mattress from soaking up any mess so you can focus on coming together. Made with elastic corners so you can fit it securely over your bed, designed to be leak proof/ waterproof.

All you need to do is remove it and stick it on your washing machine after use.


  • 1 fluid and waterproof sheet suitable for all kinds of fun.

  • Heat sealed seams for added protection.

  • 13 inch pocket so it can fit over the deepest of mattrasses.

  • Easy to clean, machine washable.

  • A total length of 80 inches.

  • Comes in black colour.