JO Anal H2O Sex Lube


Jo Anal H2O

JO Anal H2O is water-based and has all the benefits of JO H2O Lubricant, but with a higher viscosity than regular JO H2O.  Contains NO oil, wax or silicone and washes off easily with water.

JO Anal H2O Warming adds a touch of warmth to your sensual experience and activates on contact without having to blow on it.  Uniquely formulated with Vitamin E, it is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and does not block your pores.  Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

JO Anal H2O Cool provides a tingling sensation on contact to arouse and heighten the sensual experience.


  • Long Lasting, Never sticky or tacky
  • Non-Staining; Odor and Fragrance Free
  • Higher Viscosity
  • Contains No Numbing Agents
  • Compatible with all toys
  • 100% Latex Safe