G-Kii G-Spot Vibrator

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G-Ki by Je Joue Sex Toys

Uniquely adjustable, truly innovative - reach your G-Spot every time with personalizable G-Ki. Every womans shape is unique, and this is the only vibrator that can be curved into the perfect position to suit you. G-Ki can also be transformed into a dual-action toy, allowing for simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. G-Ki is the key to unlocking female G-Spot pleasure, for newcomers, afficionados and couples alike.

For your first time with G-Ki, try using the head at its natural angle. Then, as you become more familiar with it, experiment with different curves to discover your perfect G-Spot position. Steady, consistent pressure is the key to G-Spot stimulation. Once you've found it, try rocking G-Ki in a consistent back and forth, or small circular motion, to arouse that sweet spot.

Don't forget the lube! We advise using water-based lubricant for a perfectly smooth experience.


  • Smooth Body Safe Silicone Finish (100% FDA approved)
  • 100% Waterproof 
  • Fully Rechargeable via a Unique Magnetic Clip
  • Adjustable Settings, Low Rumble to Strong Intense Finish
  • 5 Ultra-Quiet Vibration Patterns
  • 2 Hr Charge = 2 Hr Pleasure