The Velvet Lily has a crush on the German manufacturer, Fun Factory because of their original creativity and outstanding quality when it comes to their sex toys. All of Fun Factory love toys are sculpted to perfection with one thing in mind—the female body and they are firm on delivering only aesthetically pleasing sex toys. Fun Factory love toys are very non-realistic looking, meaning instead of their sex toys replicating male genitalia they represent stylish accessories. The medical grade silicone used for their products is also known as top of the line in the market. The silicone used is so soft to the touch that it fools you into thinking it is real skin! Pair their one of a kind silicone with any of our water-based lubes for an unbelievably authentic feeling. Fun Factory is so determined to bring the consumer quality that most of their products receive that final touch of perfection by hand. 

Fun Factory is what we like to call eco-sexy. Their brand demonstrates eco-sexy through each product’s body safe materials and environmentally conscious decisions that have been made to conserve energy. When your toys are fully charged, the charger will stop in order to conserve electricity, which also increases the lifetime of your toy. 

We would also like to capitalize on the word innovative because that is what puts the fun in Fun Factory. Fun Factory has found a more powerful vibration and uses it in all of its newer products. They use a deep frequency vibration instead of a high frequency vibration. The deep frequency is not found in many other products on the market and offers more of a deep thump vibration rather than a tingle. Fun factory also claims the only uncircumcised vibrator on the market, found in its G4 collection