Elite Universal Beginner's Sex Harness for Strap-on

$25.00 $23.40
(You save $1.60)
Fetish Fantasy Elite Universal Beginner's Dildo Harness

Looking for a fun new way to make things even more interesting between you and your lover? Then the Fetish Fantasy Elite uniquely designed Beginners Harness is your one stop destination for an affordable strap-on harness. Make it easier than ever for you and your partner with these dildo strap on harnesses.


Made of comfortable and durable nylon straps with fully adjustable straps with a stretchy silicone O-ring, you have everything you need to keep things in place even during the most passionate of play. The traditional style harness is designed to easily accommodate a wide variety of the most popular strap-on dildos, so no matter what your taste or preference you only need one harness handy.


The comfortable design and material used in the harness makes it easy to wear it for extended periods without worrying about chafing, rubbing, or discomfort of any kind. Best of all, there will be no breaking or unfastening during the heat of the moment. Fits up to 44 inch waist for the 4X plus size and all sizes smaller!

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