Metal Dildos & Stainless Steel Dildos

The smooth surface of the Metal Dildo make it the ideal pleasure tool for g-spot stimulation. Check out the Njoy PureWand. One side of this near perfect sex toy is larger for G-spot stimulation on one end, and smaller on the other for incredible prostate stimulation.  This highly rated toy is one of the most popular products in our store!

Metal Dildos vs Glass Dildos

Metal dildos are known for their ability to absorb and maintain heat, allowing you to Njoy consistent, body temperature pleasure. Glass Dido's are appreciated for the ability to add texture to the dildo, such as the, Icicles #18. This allows for a complete pleasure experience, delivering powerful orgasms. For many though, metal dildos offer weight and a more full experience.  Metal didos have the reputation of providing a clean and deep experience, solo or for with your partner!


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