From leather to Designer Collection delicate chains and stones, enhance your intimate or exterior clothing with these unique and eye catching accessories.  Add a hint of kink with a leather harness or a gold body chain over your bra and panties.  

Bijoux Indiscrets
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Bijoux Indiscrets
Bijoux Indiscrets Decal Eyemask When the sun goes down your other self is revealed. Enjoy a night of seduction among the shadows with Bijoux Indiscrets Masks. These masks include sticky points that attach directly to the face. The reusable stickers can...
Bijoux Indiscrets
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Jakimac Dior Tassel Necklace The JAKIMAC Dior Tassel Necklace hangs from a petite silver collar necklace with ball and clasp closure. A modern feminine take on the classic tie. This necklace is a chic way to upgrade your outfit. available in black...
Jakimac Harvey Chain Bra Wrap Harness S/M The JAKIMAC Chain Bra Wrap is a wrap harness with halter-style chain bra that creates a sleek feminine profile. Wraps 2-3 times around the waist, tie in the front of back. Features: 100% Argentinian león...
Silicone Cover Ups Nude O/S Cover Ups naturally blend to your skin to conceal the nipples.  They adhere to the body with a silicon adhesive and are washable and reusable.  Individual skin type and care will determine the life of the adhesive...
Bristols 6
Stylin' Tape Double stick clothing and body tape keeps your clothes where they belong... on you! There are 3 different sizes of tape for your convenience. //
$6.50 $4.95
Vajazzle Crystal Tattoo A great sparkle for that special occasion or event. Vajazzle Crystal Body Tattoos are easy to apply and non-toxic. The adhesive on the crystals has been specifically developed for the temporary application on human skin...
Spartacus Leathers
Wordband Collar Spartacus Leathers has been selling the best in adult bdsm and fetish products since 1987. Feeling frisky? Whatever your mood, express yourself in leather. Wordband collars are handmade by skilled craftsmen using quality oiltan leather...