Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Wand Kit 9 Function Flexible Head

Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Wand Kit 9 Function Flexible Head

Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Wand Kit 9 Function Flexible Head

With diversity and flexibility, the Premium Health and Wellness Massage Kit has 9 Functions and a Flexible Head.Complete with a fully waterproof, rechargeable, 9 function pleasure wand, and 3 bonus tips. The nubby tip pulses and vibrates with a bumpy end that provides a tingling sensation. The Uber tip has a unique open tip to provide stimulation to the nipples and the testcle area. The flutter tip simulates a licking sensation. The the elegant design and ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold with a simple two button control. Change the textures with 3 different soft flexible heads made of medical grade silicone. Not only meant for sensual stimulation of the erogenous ones, the powerful wand helps stimulate blood circulation and perfect for sore muscles. Flutter Tip vibrations travel through from the wand into the tip creating a fluttering, vibrating sensation. This tip is designed to duplicate a light licking sensation. Uber Tip created with an unique open end, this tip is perfect for couples with multiple uses such as nipple and testicular stimulation. Nubby Tip designed to pulse and vibrate through each nubby end creating a tingling sensation for your most sensitive areas. You can pinpoint muscle and sensuous areas with this attachment. Specifications: flexible head contours to your body. Nine functions with easy 2 button control. Medical grade silicone. Convenient USB rechargeable wand. Care and cleaning. Thoroughly clean before and after each use. You can wash it with antibacterial soap or Cloud 9 Toy Cleaner. Store in a cool dry place after cleaning.


  • Made from medical grade silicone
  • Easy 2 button control
  • 9 functions
  • 3 bonus tips
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

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