CB-X: CB-3000 Male Chastity

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CB-X: CB-3000 Male Chastity

CB-3000 Male Male Chasity Device All Chasity packages come with the following: 

  • 1 cage portion
  • 5 different sized rings
  • Locking pins
  • Spacers
  • Padlock
  • 5 individually placement locks
  • Zippered storage pouch. 



  • Cock cage measures 3.0 inches long with an inner diameter of 1.45 inches. 
  • 2 guide pins brace the top pieces, while a locking pin runs through the recessed center hole, connecting the cage to the ring. 
  • Each device comes with a range of ring sizes, from 1.5 inches to 2 inches diameter. 
  • Cock cage is made from sturdy yet light weight polycarbonate, with slats for improved ventilation. 
  • Ease of urination and hygienic maintenance.
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Phthalate free materials: polycarbonate cock cage, metal padlock.



Lubricate the head and penis with the a premium lubricant. Put the cock cage on when penis is in a relaxed state. Rings: take the bottom portion of the ring and put it around the testicles and penis. Insert the top ring with the guide pins. While putting on the top half make sure to push in a down position while attaching the two pieces. Locking pins insert the locking pins in the recessed sides of the rings. Spacers the spacers are designed in a special way that each spacer fits a particular locking pin. Cage insert the penis into the cage. Push the penis down in order to prevent pinching when connecting the cage to the ring. Padlock after assembling the ring, guide pins, locking pin and spacers to the cage attach the brass padlock. Make sure you have a diligent key holder. 

Cleaning use toy cleaner and a soft brush. Do not use household cleaning products.