Review: Vedo Bam Bullet Vibrator

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Review: Vedo Bam Bullet Vibrator

My Rating: ★★★★★

The Bam Vibrating Bullet by VeDO is sleek, simple and affordable, costing just $35 this toy gives you 10 intense and pleasurable vibration modes. It may be small and may not have a fancy shape, but it doesn’t need one. The vibrations are powerful and whether I was using it on my clit or in my vagina, I always had a great time and multiple orgasms. The Bam Vibrating Bullet quickly became my go to vibrator, it’s compact, easy to store, easy to clean and always leaves me wanting more. Additionally, it’s rechargeable and holds its charge through several uses. As if all of that wasn’t enough for me to love the Bam, it’s also waterproof! I haven’t had a chance to maximize its waterproof abilities, but a waterproof toy is always a plus! My only complaint about this toy is that the vibrations are a little bit loud. If you live with other people and aren’t comfortable being heard, you might want to play some music or wait until no one is home.


In summary, here’s the pros and cons of the Bam Vibrating Bullet by VeDO:


Pros: Very powerful, compact, easy to store, easy to clean, rechargeable, Waterproof, versatile, affordable, pleasurable

Cons: loud vibrations


Overall, I have very few negative things to say about the Bam, I think it’s a great purchase. You get a lot of bang for your buck and it’s a great option whether you’re looking for your first sex toy or you have a sizeable collection. I give it 5 out of 5 stars, so visit The Velvet Lily and pick one up for yourself!


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