Review: Neon Wand

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Review: Neon Wand

Recently, I had the very exciting opportunity to try out Kinklab’s Neon Wand, something I have been waiting to try practically since I started working at The Velvet Lily. And let me tell you, it was shocking (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)! But I did very much enjoy using the Neon Wand and would recommend it to anyone interested in electric play, especially if you’re a beginner! I’ll start off by going through some of the features of the Neon Wand and some safety considerations, then I’ll talk about my experience using the wand.


So KinkLab’s Neon wand, which we carry online and in-store, comes with the main electrical unit (at the top of the picture) and 4 different attachments. The attachments are, from top to bottom as shown in the picture: Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90degree Probe, and Tongue Tube. Each different attachment is going to spread out the electricity differently resulting in a different sensation. I also tested the Electric Whip, which is a mini flogger with 8 tails made of highly conductive silicone. Another notable attachment that I am just buzzing to try is the power tripper, which can be attached to the electrical unit and placed somewhere on your torso, it will turn your fingers into conductors of electricity, meaning your touch will literally cause sparks to fly! The entire kit is lightweight and compact, making it fairly easy for travel. In general, it is safe to use with any attachment, on any level, and on any part of the body (consensually, of course). This applies just to the KinkLab Neon Wand if you decide to invest in something more heavy-duty make sure you do your research carefully, both for the product you are investing in and the safety concerns associated with it. This product intentionally does not have voltage high enough to cause harm beyond some marks and acute pain. Once the voltage gets higher (like on some more advanced products), it can cause serious damage or death, especially when used irresponsibly or paired with certain medical conditions.


As for my experience with the Neon Wand, I loved it! I’m fairly new to electric play and it’s perfect for beginners and those with some experience. I started out by just getting to know my wand, completely independent of sex and pleasure. I think this is an important step for anyone to consider because you want to make sure you and anyone you may be using the Neon Wand with knows how it feels and knows what level of intensity they can handle. In my exploration with the wand and its attachments, I found that the attachments it came with were not too powerful for me and I now know I can handle any of those 4 attachments on any intensity (something very valuable to know for both solo and partner play). When I experimented with the electric whip, I found that it was MUCH stronger than any of the included attachments. I still very much enjoyed the whip, the 8 different points of contact in a flogger-esque toy were wonderful and added a whole new dimension of sensation BUT, at this point, I can only handle the whip on lower settings because of its intensity.


After I spent the time getting to know my wand, its intensities, and the areas on my body that felt the best I started incorporating it into masturbation. Using the Neon Wand takes a little bit more set up than just using my hand or grabbing my Le Wand from under my pillow, but if you can set aside time for a good masturbation session, it is so much fun! I combined using different attachments on different sensitive parts of my body (like my inner thighs and my nipples) with other toys that I could use one-handed or hands-free. All of this opened a whole new world of pleasure but my favorite combination was using my Le Wand alongside the electro-attachments. I always ended my solo play sessions exhausted and satisfied, so I HIGHLY recommend this product. The next step? Incorporate it into partner sex, given how much I loved while I was masturbating, I think it could open up so many fun possibilities with a partner!


If electric play is something you love or are interested in, this is a great toy to invest in. Whether you play alone or with a partner(s) (or both!) it's going to be a good time and a great way to feel out electric play without investing too much in high-end products. Stop by The Velvet Lily to see our Neon Wand and other attachments we sell and to talk to one of us about exploring electric play!


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