Review: Le Wand-Feel My Power Edition

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Review: Le Wand-Feel My Power Edition

Taking aim at the Hitachi Magic Wand’s reluctance to be known as a sex toy, Le Wand is proudly branding their product as a sex toy and insists its the best wand on the market. As someone who has used both the Magic Wand and the Le Wand, I have to say, Le Wand surpassed my expectations and my experience with the Magic Wand. I’ve used and loved a number of different wands (in fact, my review of the Lovense Domi will drop in a couple of weeks) but Le Wand has claimed the coveted spot under my pillow.


So what exactly makes this wand so good? Did it really earn its $170 price tag? My answer to those things is so many things and yes, absolutely. For reference, the rechargeable Magic Wand is $135, making this product just $35 more, and you are getting way more than $35 of extra features. For starters, it has 10 vibration intensities (so its vibration goes lower than any other wand I’ve tried) and 20 vibration patterns, doing the math on that adds up to 200 different settings you can use (10 intensities for each of the 20 patterns). It also has a flexible head, making it easier to angle correctly AND it’s splashproof. Beyond those amazing features, the Le Wand has a very rumbly vibration, making the orgasms deeper and keeping you from going numb while using it.


I got the limited edition version of this product, called the Le Wand Feel My Power (pictured above), which includes some additional swag (stickers, a postcard, and a button) as well as BEAUTIFUL artwork by Ashley Lukashevsky featured on the handle. I instantly fell in love with it! My partner has a Magic Wand and we’ve always had fun with it, but even the lowest setting is a little intense for me. The Le Wand, on the other hand, has a wider range of intensities meaning I can work my way up from a lower intensity but still have strong vibrations when I’m ready for them. I also love the carrying bag, which comes with both the regular and limited edition Le Wand, it’s discreet enough that if it’s sitting on my bed people think it’s a makeup bag or other carrying case and doesn’t suspect a wand is in there. I also love the rumbly vibrations, and not just when I’m getting off! As a hardcore distance runner, I often have aching muscles and the Le Wand is gentle and rumbly enough to ease the discomfort of sore muscles without causing pain, so it’s multi-purpose!


If all of this wasn’t enough to convince you, there are also a large variety of attachments for Le Wand, including attachments for massages, attachments to use internally and even attachments to turn it into a penis stroker, making this wand useful to any couple, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. So drop by The Velvet Lily and let our staff show you all the amazing features of the Le Wand! We have both the original and the Le Wand Feel My Power (for a limited time), plus a variety of attachments AND the Le Wand Petite ($135). All of this is available exclusively in-store, so come visit us to make your purchase, you won’t be sorry!


P.S. Don’t forget to check out our website to see some of our other toys!


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