Review: Icicles Vibrating Glass Massager

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Review: Icicles Vibrating Glass Massager

It has already been hot this summer, so when things heat up in the bedroom, why not cool off a bit? Glass sex toys have been on the rise in popularity, and make all of that possible while providing safe, clean fun. The Icicles vibrating glass massager is a great toy for the job. It’s versatile, textured, and provides G-spot and P-spot stimulation, all with a comfortable cooling feel.


Glass dildos are a fantastic option when looking for a new sex toy. They're hygienic, durable, and can be run under cold water, providing a break in the summer heat. This particular glass toy is wonderful, because on top of all those pre-existing perks, it can be used in a variety of ways. The icicles vibrating glass massager can function as both a dildo and a vibrator, as it comes with a vibrating attachment. Although it only has one speed, the vibration is powerful enough to provide good stimulation, while gentle enough that it wont over-stimulate right off the bat. This makes it a perfect sex toy for beginners, as well as toy veterans.


The glass dildo itself is shaped with a tapered bulb at the end, delivering g-spot or p-spot pleasure. The tapering of the bulb makes it easy to insert and remove, so the massager can glide in and out with ease. The end of the dildo has an O-ring shape, making it simple and safe to handle, with or without the vibrating attachment, and in between the two ends is the textured shaft. This is a fun addition to the toy, although more subtle than the g-spot stimulator and the vibrating attachment.


Overall, the Icicles vibrating glass massager is a quality product. It is comfortable, with the cooling effect that is made possible by the hygienic glass material, and the tapered shape of the g-spot stimulator. It is versatile in use, due to the vibrator add-on option, as well as the anal, and vaginal usability. And finally, the Icicles vibrating glass massager is easy and fun to use for people with less sex toy experience. I highly recommend this product for those looking for a fun, new summer toy.


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