Review: B-Vibe Snug Plugs

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Review: B-Vibe Snug Plugs

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Snug Plug 2 by B-vibe and wow, wow, wow was I impressed! We’ve carried the snug plugs for as long as I’ve worked here (around 1 year...and counting) and it honestly didn’t intrigue me on looks alone. We have so many amazing and flashy products in the store that I, wrongfully, overlooked this hidden gem. But, I unexpectedly got one and figured I’d try it out. I have tried out a variety of more standard plugs and even though I enjoyed them while I was having sex at home, I found they were kind of hard to move around in. As someone who attends play parties on a fairly regular basis and likes to try out different positions while having sex, using plugs that are a little uncomfortable to wear while moving around is definitely a hindrance. However, as soon as I put in the snug plug 2, all of those problems were gone, and I was in love!


First and foremost, these plugs are by B-vibe, which is already an excellent sign; they are, by far, my favorite anal toy company and, arguably, the best anal toy company out there. Every plugin the snug plug line has a long stem, making them extremely comfortable to wear, and the crescent-shaped base can easily be tucked between the butt cheeks without any chance of slipping inside, making it feel like there’s no base at all when sitting down. This smart and comfortable design makes this plug an excellent choice for virtually any play involving an anal plug. PLUS the metal balls inside (1 ball in the Snug Plug 1 and 2 balls in the Snug Plugs 2 and 3) make it an excellent conductor for vibration. If you’re wearing it and wanna take it up a notch, just touch a vibrator or wand to the base of the plug and the whole plug will vibrate! Or, if you already know you want the vibration feature, we also have a vibrating version of the Snug Plug 2! If the vibration option isn’t enough to convince you, the metal balls also add weight and sensation to the plug, which can be a nice variation from a more traditional plug.


These awesome plugs are also made of 100% body-safe, soft silicone, and completely waterproof. Whether you’re looking for a plug to wear for several hours or something to just use in the bedroom, a snug plug is going to be an excellent choice. My only word of caution with the Snug Plug is to make sure you choose the correct size. Definitely be realistic about your level of knowledge and comfortability with anal play to best choose the appropriate size. Despite having a rounded edge, the Snug Plug 2 and higher get wide fairly quickly, which could make them a little bit more difficult to use for someone who is less experienced. Personally, putting it in and taking it out was definitely a little bit of an adjustment for me because it was less tapered than plugs I’ve used in the past. However, once it’s in, it sits so comfortably in the anal canal it’s hard not to keep it as my go-to plug. If you’re more of a beginner, I suggest starting with the Snug Plug 1 and working your way up from there. Also check out my previous blog post on anal, to get more information about how to do anal safely and comfortably!


So, if you’re ready to bring a whole new dimension to your sex life for not a lot of money, come by the store to check out the Snug Plug 1 ($45), Snug Plug 2 ($45) and Snug Plug 3 ($55), our very knowledgeable staff will be able to help you find the right size for you! Want a Vibrating Snug Plug? Check this one out - click here.


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