Spotlight: Womanizer & Rianne Rabbit Toys

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Spotlight: Womanizer & Rianne Rabbit Toys

We here at The Velvet Lily are VERY excited to showcase two new products that just hit shelves at our store: The Womanizer Premium and Rianne S Xena! Both of these products are already a big hit among the staff because of their awesome features, so here’s the breakdown for each one:


Womanizer Premium

This is Womanizer’s new, top of the line product, and given its many amazing features, it’s not hard to see why it’s generated such a buzz. Womanizer created pleasure air technology, which creates a suction-like sensation when placed on the clitoris and gives deeper, more satisfying orgasms. The Womanizer Premium offers you 12 different pleasure air intensities, meaning there’s enough variety to find the sensation that’s just right for you. Plus, turn on the autopilot mode and it will randomly cycle through the first 4, the first 8 or all 12 intensity modes at random (and the pattern will never be the same!). It also uses smart silence technology, meaning when it’s on, it stays inactive until it touches your skin! And, if all of that isn’t enough, it’s shape allows you to use it hands-free (with or without a partner), plus it’s completely waterproof. As someone who has used the Womanizer premium, I can confirm that it’s amazing and worth every penny of its $199 price tag. One of our employees also previously reviewed the womanizer premium, so if you want a firsthand account of just how great this toy you can check it out here - Womanizer


Rianne S Xena

If the Womanizer Premium’s $199 price tag is more than you’re looking to spend or you want more than just clitoral stimulation, the Rianne S Xena is our nicest rabbit-style vibrator under $100. For just $89 you get two powerful motors (one in each tip), high-grade silicone, and 10 speeds. What sets the Xena apart is its heating function and the added ability to adjust the intensity on each vibration pattern (as opposed to other, similar-priced items where the vibration intensity is set with the pattern). And, on top of all that, this toy is completely waterproof, so it’s great for fun anywhere. The Xena is an excellent choice if you want to try a nice, rabbit-style vibrator but aren’t quite ready to invest in a more expensive toy.


Both the Womanizer Premium and the Rianne S Xena are available in-store and online. Come visit us to check them out or for any other products you might be interested in. And we expect to get even more new products in, so stay tuned!


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