Vajtats Sexy Temporary Tattoos

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Vajtats Sexy Temporary Tattoos

At The Velvet Lily we aren’t all about sex toys and lingerie, we also have some other accessories to spice up your love life. And even though Valentine’s Day is behind us that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to find ways to keep your sex life new and interesting. But, we understand your wallet may be hurting a little, so here’s a very affordable but fun way to add a little flare to your body and your sex life: VagTats!


At just $6 a pack, you can buy a variety of these temporary tattoos and wear them all over your body (including the places most people won’t see). These fun accessories come in a variety of different colors and sayings, including “Let’s Fuck”, “Eat Me” and “Cum Inside”. You can easily apply these gold foil tattoos on your own and they’ll last for a couple of days. Plus, each pack comes with three sheets so you can use them for multiple occasions.


VagTats aren’t the only fun accessories we carry, we also have a variety of other Body Ink Arts products to suit any of your temporary body art needs. You can also check out our nipple tassels, masks, and collars if you want even more ways to accessorize your sex life! Check out what we have online and come into The Velvet Lily for even more options!



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