Spotlight: Sure to Satisfy

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Spotlight: Sure to Satisfy

The reviews are in and we have much to say about the Satisfyer line.


With a name such as Satisfyer there were many high expectations for the new sex toy line, and as a woman who is an avid advocate for clitoral stimulation I feared I would be greatly dissatisfied; however, the Satisfyer line is anything but dissatisfying! The unique sensation of suction is sure to blow your mind and whirl you into a whole new world of sensation play. With its sleek design and silicone body, the Satisfyer line offers 11 intensities of pleasure waves and touch-free clitoral stimulation. The new line includes the Satisfyer 1, Satisfyer 2, Satisfyer 2 Pro, Satisfyer Pro Penguin, and the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe. For the 70% off women who need clitoral stimulation to climax the Satisfyer Sex Toy line should be your next investment. There are many advantages to the Satisfyer line; sleeker in its design, waterproof, equipped with Whisper Mode and higher intensities, and rechargeable the Satisfyer line is the newest and best toy.


If you do not know where or what your clitoris is then the Satisfyer is sure to expand your knowledge quite quickly. Due to its design and purpose of the toy you certainly need to know your anatomy and the location of your clitoris to reach full stimulation potential. Once you’ve located your clitoris place the toy’s opening around the area and allow the suction to begin. The Satisfyer encloses around the clitoris allowing full coverage for optimal pleasure wave sensation. Each toy is equipped with buttons to vary the intensities of suction to what you desire most. Large labia lips or small, large clitoris or small, this toy is for everyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation


We give the Satisfyer sex toy line a 5-star review, and with prices beginning at $31.99 the Satisfyer is a toy worth investing in. Check out our Collection of Sex toys by Satisfyer


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