Naughty Holiday Gift List

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Naughty Holiday Gift List

The holidays are here! So if you’re looking for some fun gifts we have suggestions to meet all of your desires!


If you’re looking for something smaller, perhaps a stocking stuffer or a naughty white elephant gift, consider some of these:


Pasties: Pasties are one of those fun gifts that you can get as a gag or for white elephant while knowing whoever gets them will probably use them. We have simple, nude pasties starting at $9, novelty pasties (including green alien heads!) starting at $10, and nicer, jeweled, tasseled or sparkly pasties for up to $30. Whether you’re looking for something fast and inexpensive or something flashy and nice, we have pasties for you.


Erotic Dice: For something a little more unique, try out erotic dice! We have three types: erotic, kinky, and oral. Just roll the dice and they’ll prompt you to perform an action either on a body part or in a specific position. So, grab a pair of these and let fate decide if you’re going to “lick + ear”, “bind hands + man on top” or some other fun combination.


Bedroom bucks: Think of these as IOU’s exclusively for your partner. Bedroom bucks are a fun and affordable token of appreciation that can help spice things up and keep you on your toes. With “bucks” ranging from “one snuggle” and “one love note” to “one nooner” and “one extra orgasm”, these faux coupons can be used no matter what mood your partner is in.


Massage oil: We have thin and thicker massage oils that come in a variety of scents ranging from earthy to floral to fruity. We even have warming massage oil! This is a small, inexpensive gift that will keep giving.


Vedo Bam Mini: If you’re looking to step it up from some of the other gifts but don’t want to commit to one of the larger toys, consider the Vedo Bam Mini. As the younger sibling of the Vedo Bam, this toy has 10 vibration modes, packs a punch, and is sure to please.

If you’re looking for a gift with a little more bang, something that’s a little nicer and more fun, we have toys to meet all your fantasies. Here are a few great products to consider:


Vesper: It’s thin, discreet and….a necklace? That’s right, the Vesper is a sleek, stainless steel vibrator that can be worn around your neck. As one of our more unique toys, it doesn’t exactly look like a vibrator so you can wear it proudly without anyone knowing it’s real function.


We-Vibe Sync: It can be used during sex or while you’re thousands of miles apart, you can make your own vibration patterns or set it to music, it’s adjustable and it comes with an app! This is our best selling couples toy for a reason. I don’t even have the space to list all of its cool features so come down to the shop so we can tell you all about this amazing toy.

Je Joue Mio: If you’re ready to get a next level cock ring, the Je Joue Mio is a worthwhile investment. It has seven, rumbly vibration patterns and each one can be adjusted to one of five vibration intensities. It’s quiet, rechargeable and stretches to fit you, ensuring both you and your partner are satisfied.


Njoy Metal Anal Plugs: This product will give you a little bit more than your average anal plug. It’s heavier than other anal plugs, is curved for extended wear, and has a handle at the base. Plus, because they’re metal, they can be heated or cooled to your liking.


These are just a few of the MANY fantastic products you can find in store and online. Come on in to pick one of these up or have one of our fantastic staff members assist you in finding something that is right for you.


Bonus Toy: If you’re looking for a realistic dildo check out or VixSkin line!


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