Fast Facts: Glass Sex Toys

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Fast Facts: Glass Sex Toys

We know they exist, we see them in sex shops and sometimes in porn, but what is the appeal of glass sex toys? To answer that question, here are some fast facts about glass toys:


  1. Contrary to popular fears, glass sex toys will not break, crack, chip or splinter. Vigorous sex or accidentally dropping them off your bed will not affect them, so be as rough as you’d like!
  2. Glass sex toys are hypoallergenic and body-safe. With no latex, phthalates, or chemicals, these are some of the safest toys on the market and they’re great no matter how sensitive you are.
  3. If you’ve ever been interested in temperature play, sex toys made of glass are ideal. Whether you stick them in the freezer or submerge them in hot water, glass toys can be warmed or cooled to your ideal temperature. Just make sure you check the temperature on your arm or leg before things get too sexy!
  4. Do you have an affinity for silicone lube but only have silicone toys? Glass toys could be the answer since glass is firm and non-porous, you can use any type of lube on them without fear of damaging them.
  5. If you’ve ever been in the mood for something sensual and intimate but didn’t want to have sex, glass toys can still be of service. Just add some of your favorite massage oil (or buy some of ours) and it will glide smoothly over your back, shoulders or neck. Just be sure you clean your toy when you’re done so you aren’t using the massage oil as lube.
  6. Speaking of cleaning, glass toys are SUPER easy to clean! Whether you use toy cleaner or soap and water, they’ll be quick and easy to clean!
  7. Sometimes simple is better and glass toys are simple. Since they aren’t electronic, they don’t require charging, are easy to travel with (no vibrating luggage with these!), and can be completely submerged.
  8. Since glass sex toys are simple and durable they are VERY long-lasting. These toys do not breakdown easily, so they will likely be usable for the rest of your life.
  9. If you’re environmentally conscious, glass sex toys are eco-friendly, meaning even your sex toys can be safe for the environment.
  10. Finally, glass toys are practical and effective. Their smooth surface combined with some lube makes them easier to insert and they hold the lube longer than silicone toys. Plus, they’re firm, making g-spot or prostate stimulation easier and more direct.


Clearly, glass toys offer a lot of different and unique ways to use them. Plus, here at The Velvet Lily, we have several gorgeous designs, meaning your glass toy will be effective and beautiful. Check out our online selections or come to the store for even more options.


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