CBD Madness Continues...

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CBD Madness Continues...

CBD Products at The Velvet lily Sex Shop


As its success at The Velvet Lily can attest to, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has rapidly grown in popularity in the last year. Back in March, we started carrying our first CBD products (massage oil and lube.) In the 6 months since we started carrying CBD products, demand has grown and so has our collection. Between its growing popularity and the wide range of positive effects CBD can have, we are excited to now carry a wide range of CBD products, both erotic and otherwise. So, here’s our much overdue CBD update!  We now carry in-store only:


CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are the most popular CBD product we carry and we sell them to both first time and loyal users. The dosages of the gummies range from 50mg to 180mg and are particularly helpful for anxiety reduction, relaxation, and sleep (we even have gummies with melatonin). The gummies we carry come in compact packages and range at price from $6.99 to $11.99.


CBD Lube

Our second most popular product and most often requested, unprompted, by people who walk in the door, is CBD lube. We carry 2 brands of CBD lube: Knob Polish ($10) and Bella Aqua d’Amore ($14). CBD lube can have a number of sexual benefits, including reducing pain and anxiety during sex, preventing irritation (particularly in sensitive areas like the vulva), regenerating damaged skin, and dryness.


CBD Massage Oil

CBD massage oil, one of the first CBD products we introduced, is a multi-purpose and versatile product that can help you with everything from relaxation to chronic pain. The biggest strength of CBD massage oil is that it’s topical and, therefore, can be directly applied and massaged into the points on the body it is most needed. This makes it especially helpful for reducing inflammation and chronic pain. It can also improve skin health and help relax the places on your body you carry stress. We carry both Bella Olio per massaggio (60mg of CBD; $20) and CBD Daily (100mg of CBD; $24.99).


CBD Tincture

Our simplest and most straightforward product is our CBD tincture ($23). This is a low-dose formula you can put directly on your tongue to promote wellness, relieve anxiety, and ease the pain. There is 100mg of CBD in each bottle, which equates to about 7mg for every 1ml. Simply use the dropper to apply under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.


CBD Essential Oils

I saved the best products for last, the first of which is our CBD essential oils. With a formula owned by the owner of this shop, these Inked products come in 4 different forms, each with their own advantages. The “Relax” formula helps promote relaxation and soothe anxiety, the “Recover” formula can help with hangovers, the “Dream” formula promotes healthier and more restful sleep, and the “Rise” formula increases energy. Simply roll the essential oil onto points of stress and tension for relief. At $13.99 these are a steal and The Velvet Lily is currently one of the only places that carry them!


CBD Tattoo Lotions

Another brainchild of our owner is the CBD tattoo line, which includes salve ($24), lotion ($33.85), and brightener ($36.99). The CBD salve has a petroleum jelly-like consistency and was originally designed to be used by tattoo artists while tattooing, however, you can also use it on your skin to promote hydration and healing. The CBD lotion is most effective when it comes to healing and relieving skin irritation, including a new tattoo. Like any lotion, rub it onto the affected areas for a soothing and healing effect. Finally, the CBD brightener can be sprayed directly on tattoos and then massaged into them to revive tattoos and keep them looking bright!


Evidently, our new variety of CBD products can be helpful and beneficial when addressing a myriad of issues, including anxiety, pain, and irritation! We don’t sell our CBD products through our online store, so you’ll have to come to visit us in-store to explore the variety of products we carry.


*An important note: None of our CBD products contain THC (the compound that has inebriating effects), so they will not get you high and are completely legal.


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