Because I Own A Sex Toy Shop People Always Ask Us...

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Because I Own A Sex Toy Shop People Always Ask Us...

Because we own a sex toy store, aka sex shop, people always ask us …. if we are swingers. Sorry Ladies and Gents to disappoint, but my husband and I are not swingers. We do get exposure to a lot of ideas and concepts, but having an open relationship takes someone who understands their limits. To me, it’s about what makes me comfortable and my definition of my relationship. Yes, we have an amazing sex life. Yes, we love our toys and testing them out. Yes, we love being self-expressed in our sexuality. But NO, we just don’t swing.


Maybe I am not evolved enough or maybe I know that if someone else comes near my husband, that I might be driven to violence. Maybe I’m just not good at sharing. I was an only child after all for 10 years. Regardless, I want to be the Queen of this Sandbox. I’m not saying that I’m right or my way is what everyone should believe. Some people can handle open relationships. Now saying that you can handle it and actually being able to are two different things. I know 3 couples who were in Polyamorous relationships that went sour. Emotions and trust always play a factor. Can it work? I think it can, but all parties have to be selfless and have no sense of jealousy or ownership.


One of my customers is very successful, in his 60s, and he and his wife are very involved in the open relationship arena. In this area, there are some parties and events where there is a sense of exclusivity and they can mingle with at least a group of individuals in their status circle. Some parties are bigger and exclusivity isn’t really what is being projected, but more of a “free love vibe.”


Often times these larger parties involve costumes and tickets sell for $20 for you to listen to house music, possibly hook up, and then perform your sexual prowess in front of others. I’ve performed PDA to its highest degree a couple of times in the Caribbean knowing I didn’t know anyone there. Could I do the same here? I don’t think so. Philly is just way too small.


So in a nutshell, we are just a normal everyday couple that loves to have sex and likes to spice things up a bit without others being involved. So the only swinging we will be doing is on a sex swing. But for those of you who love to swing, please enjoy our couple's sex toy collection - click here.


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