Luxury Sex Toys - What's The Difference?

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 Luxury Sex Toys - What's The Difference?

Why Choose Luxury Sex Toys?


The use of luxury sex toys continues to grow all around the world.  What distinguishes a luxury sex toy from a regular sex toy is typically the price and the look.  The first aspect we look at is the price. We have vibrators that are Thousands of dollars like LELO’s Yva or LELO’s Inez.  So those are clearly luxury toys, but then we are faced with a dilemma of where is the cut off price point.  We asked our customers about how much they expect to pay for a nice toy and at what price would they have to think about it; or ask their partners to buy it for them for a special occasion.  Women typically expect to pay $100 for a rabbit style vibrator and when the price starts creeping up to $150, they really have to think about it.  


Luxury Sex Toys are typically named brands like LELOFun FactoryCrave.  But they can also be smaller companies that feature very niche products like Svorsky crystal butt plugs from Pretty Plugs or glass dildos with real gold flakes from Simply Blown Glass or Steele Malone.  LELO, Fun Factory, and Crave have their majority of toys under $150, but they have a few that have special features that can demand close to the $200 price range.  For instance, LELO’s Insignia line is waterproof and not only features silicone but also metal in their designs.  Fun Factory has now introduced the Stronic Series which pulsate and literally shake your arm.  And Crave’s motor can not only be charged by a USB port but also hold up to 16 GB of memory.  Think of the possibilities. 


The next important feature that distinguishes a sex toy is the aesthetics.  Typically these are items that are beautiful gifts that will never insult the recipient's sense of style.  Much like giving a Prada purse instead of Nine West, is the same way sex toys are treated when they are purchased as gifts.  Quality of body-safe materials, functionality, and innovation are all important.  It’s like making a statement, “Your ass or vagina is worth it” or “You deserve to get off by the best in the market.” 


Like a piece of art, these luxury toys make a statement.  Instead of hiding what you just acquired, many of our customers are now proudly sharing what their recent addition to their toy box


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