Toy Cleaner 101

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Toy Cleaner 101

If you find yourself in The Velvet Lily purchasing a new toy, chances are you’ll be asked if you would also like to buy some toy cleaner. But what is a toy cleaner? Why should you use a toy cleaner? Why can’t you just use soap and water? Well, here’s the rundown of why toy cleaner is crucial to staying happy and healthy while using your collection of toys!


What is a toy cleaner?

Toy cleaner is a cleaning solution specifically designed for cleaning your sex toys. Coming in both spray and wipes, toy cleaner will keep your body and sex toys safe and healthy.


Why should I clean my sex toys?

As far as the integrity of your toys goes, cleaning your toys well and regularly keeps the material soft and helps it last longer. Plus, it kills germs and prevents the buildup of bacteria on your toy. More importantly, we have to remember sex toys are being used in intimate and sensitive parts of our bodies so we need to keep them clean to keep our body healthy. Regularly cleaning your toys helps maintain a healthy PH level for any of your vagina owners. If you have a vagina, your PH level is very important; it’s the level of bacteria present in the vagina and it’s crucial for keeping your vagina clean and healthy. Once your PH level is thrown off, you open yourself up to a variety of issues including yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, or trichomoniasis. Even if you’re using a condom on your toys, you still want to take a few minutes to clean them before and after each use.


How do I clean my sex toys?

First things first, you’re going to want to clean your toy before and after every use. If you’re using a spray cleaner, you can spray right on the toy and then use a clean paper towel to wipe it off. If you’re using sex toy cleaning wipes, simply take one or two wipes (depending on how much cleaning is necessary) and wipe down the toy. No matter how you’re cleaning them, make sure you’re giving extra attention to the different nooks, crannies, ridges, dips, etc. on your toy. Be aware, a lot of websites you look at may recommend soap and water, which could work but, with all the different types of soap with all different types chemicals in them, you’re running the risk using something that will break down your sex toy, irritate the areas where you’re using the toy, and affect your PH balance.


Which toys should I clean?

All of them! If you’re thinking “but what about…?” the answer is yes. If it’s a sex toy, clean it before and after use, always.


What are my toy cleaner options?

When it comes to toy cleaner, you have two major options in our store: spray and wipes. There are several options if you’re looking for spray; LELO, Swiss Navy, Flesh Wash, and Cloud 9 are all spray toy cleaners we offer in-store. We also offer Swipes, which are used just like wipes, come in unscented and cucumber, and can be used on both toys and skin!


How much does a toy cleaner cost?

At The Velvet Lily, we sell several brands of spray toy cleaner that range from $8-$12 and we sell Swipes for $12. Toy cleaner is a low-cost investment well worth it considering you’re protecting you and your toys from bacteria and other negative effects.


As you can see, cleaning your toys is a must and toy cleaner is an inexpensive addition when you purchase your toy! Personally, my go-to is Swipes because I love how easy and convenient they are! I store them by my bed and I can quickly grab a few to clean myself and my toy. So use your sex toys often, just make sure you’re doing so in a clean and healthy way!


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