The Clitoris 101

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The Clitoris 101

It’s elusive, mystical, magical and all those whimsical, secretive things...ok it’s not, but it kind of feels that way sometimes. It’s the clitoris! But why is the clitoris so mysterious?


As the ONLY organ in any human body that is purely for pleasure, the clitoris has been ignored for centuries. Pervasive sexism and transphobia combined with the fact that the clitoris has no direct role in reproduction has deterred several scientific fields from studying the clitoris. In fact, the full anatomy of the clitoris was not known until 1998 and the first full, 3D visualization of the clitoris was not produced until 2009. Prior to the last few decades, the clitoris was seldom presented in anatomy textbooks and debates revolved around if the clit even existed and/or mattered. Even to this day, the devaluing of pleasure in sex education and dominant discussions of sexuality for those with vaginas leaves the clitoris out of most conversations about sex and sexuality.


No wonder we know so little about the clitoris! So, let’s talk about why it’s so fun to have one! First and foremost, the clit has around 8,000 nerves, that’s twice as many as the penis! Even better, up to 15,000 additional pelvic nerves can be stimulated during an orgasm, which can make orgasms mind-blowing. No wonder the clitoris is so sensitive and responsible for many orgasms for people with a clit. Additionally, the clitoris is much more than what’s on the surface; the nub at the top of the vulva that we typically think of as the clitoris is just the tip, literally. The rest of the clitoris is wishbone-shaped, with the internal parts sitting around the vaginal walls (see the diagram above). Since most of the clitoris is internal, some research suggests that hitting the G-spot is actually hitting the back part of the clitoris through the vaginal wall, meaning vaginal and clitoral orgasms could be more closely related than we think.


So now that we know how much pleasure the clitoris can bring, how do you have the best orgasms possible? Unfortunately, only you can answer that question. But take some time and get to know your body, masturbation is fun and has many benefits, including learning what type of stimulation you like. At The Velvet Lily, we have a variety of fun toys and lube, so we can help you find something that appeals to you and will help you start your self-exploration. So come visit us and start exploring all the pleasure your clitoris has to offer.  read our Fast Facts about Masturbation - click here.


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