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Choosing a vibrator sex toy is a very intimate experience. You are making the commitment to choose one vibrator above all others to stay with you through boyfriends, break-ups, and sexual unfulfillment. It is important to consider how you best receive pleasure. Do you require primarily clitoral stimulation or are you interested in penetration as well?  Vibrators can be classified by shape, material, and purpose - so you've got options, girl!

  Discover Our Most Popular Vibrators

  1. If you’re looking to incorporate a vibrator into your couple play, a popular choice for couples is remote control vibrators. The We-Vibe 4 stimulates the woman's g-spot and clitoris, while the man can feel the vibrations as well. You or your partner can control the intensity of vibrations through a wireless remote, which creates a shared experience for the couple whether they are together or apart.

  2. Clitoral vibrators are primarily designed for external use only to focus the vibrations onto one area. Crave Solo is a small, powerful vibrator that provides four vibration modes that are concentrated in the silicone tips of the toy.

  3. Vibrators that are primarily for penetration will feature a motor in the base and tend to be slimline (cylindrical). Their slick shape allows for easy penetration. The JimmyJane: Iconic Smoothie Slimline is a traditional slimline style vibrator that is perfect for beginners. Versatile vibrators such as a dual-action vibrator is designed for simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation. Rabbit style vibrators are the most popular kind of dual-action vibrators.

  4. G-spot vibrators are designed to reach and stimulate the g-spot through vibration. The g-spot area is located 1-3 inches inside the vagina on the front vaginal wall, which is considered an erogenous zone. These vibrators tend to have an upturned body to reach this area. The Fun Factory G4: Tiger’s deep ridges combined with its angled tip is a perfect combination to massage and stimulate the g-spot.

  5. If you need to be discreet and want to keep your sexual activities out of earshot of others, there are vibrators that make little to no noise when they are in use. The Fun Factory Deluxe Mini Dolly Bi Vibrator is silent but powerful, packing a 6 vibration punch. Its compact size also makes it perfect for being on-the-go, as it features a lock that will keep it from turning on as it is being transported.

Whatever vibrator that you end up choosing, there are certain obligations that you always need to make sure that it fulfills. Make sure that it is made from body-safe and eco-friendly material to protect you. Remember, all of the vibrators we sell are made from body-safe and eco-friendly materials.  Also, check the power of the toy’s vibrations before you buy it. The vibrations could either be too hard or too soft. Test the vibrator out against the tip of your nose to make sure that the vibrations are just right. Thoroughly research the brand and the specific vibrator that you are looking at to make sure that it is everything that you will want and need for the foreseeable future.


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