About Masturbation

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About Masturbation

I've already discussed some of the benefits of masturbation but what exactly can you do while masturbating? There are some basics that many of us think of when it comes to masturbation, but there is a lot more you can do than you may realize! So, if you want to expand your masturbation practices, or even how you think of masturbation, here's a Yes/No/Maybe list to help you out! You can take a look through this list and think about what you do want to do while masturbating, what you do not want to do, and what you may want to try out! While all of these are intended to be done during masturbation, they can also give you ideas about what you may want to do with a partner! 


Yes/No/Maybe (Y/N/M)

Internal Stimulation

Y/N/M Anal fingering

Y/N/M Vaginal fingering

External Stimulation

Y/N/M Rubbing clitoris

Y/N/M Stroking penis

Y/N/M Fondling balls

Y/N/M Rubbing perineum

Y/N/M Rubbing anal opening

Y/N/M Rubbing labia/vaginal opening 

Y/N/M Pinching/squeezing nipples

Y/N/M Caressing nipples

Y/N/M Sucking on fingers

Y/N/M Sucking on nipples

Y/N/M Rubbing hands over body

Y/N/M Running hands over body

Y/N/M Running hands through hair

Y/N/M Choking yourself

Y/N/M Biting yourself 

Y/N/M Scratching yourself

Y/N/M Sucking your skin

Y/N/M Slapping yourself

Y/N/M Massaging ear lobes

Y/N/M Tickling yourself

Y/N/M Applying pressure to perineum 

Y/N/M Applying pressure to anal opening

Y/N/M Applying pressure to vaginal opening 


Environmental Aspects 

Y/N/M Lighting candles

Y/N/M Playing music

Y/N/M Wearing lingerie/sexy clothing

Y/N/M Wearing discreet toy in public* 

Y/N/M Changing location (shower, couch, car, etc.)* 

Y/N/M Different positions (sitting up, standing, on stomach, etc.) 


Other Sensations

Y/N/M Flavored lubes

Y/N/M Dripping ice cubes on body

Y/N/M Dripping wax on body

Y/N/M Edging 

Y/N/M Lighting candles

Y/N/M Massage oil 

Y/N/M Heating lube

Y/N/M Tingling lube 

Y/N/M Self bondage 

Y/N/M Electro stimulation 


Sex Toys

Y/N/M Silicone anal beads

Y/N/M Silicone anal plug

Y/N/M Dildo

Y/N/M Vibrator

Y/N/M Pleasure air

Y/N/M C-shaped 

Y/N/M Wand

Y/N/M Bluetooth Toy

Y/N/M Fleshlight 

Y/N/M Pulsating toy

Y/N/M Vibrating Egg

Y/N/M Cock ring

Y/N/M Vibrating Bullet

Y/N/M Rabbit vibrator

Y/N/M Oral simulator 

Y/N/M Glass dildo

Y/N/M Glass anal plug 

Y/N/M Vibrating anal plug

Y/N/M Metal dildo

Y/N/M Metal anal plug

Y/N/M Nipple suckers

Y/N/M Vibrating clitoral stimulator 

Y/N/M Impact toys (floggers, paddles, etc.) 

Y/N/M Clitoral clamp


*It is important to remember whenever you engage in public or semi-public play that you are doing so discreetly so no one knows you are doing it, because they did not consent to seeing you masturbate. If you are interested in people watching you masturbate, consider play parties. 


NOW, go forth and explore and expand your masturbation practices! If you need some assistance from toys, or are looking for additional information and advice come visit us in store! You can also purchase toys at our online shop!


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