What to Expect from our Sex Classes in Philadelphia

What to Expect from our Sex Classes in Philadelphia

11th Nov 2017

Sex Education Classes at The Velvet Lily

What to Expect

The events take place usually on a Sunday. The price of admission was $25 if you got tickets beforehand and $30 at the door. One of our sex educators, Loreal, or another PHD Sex Educator teaches the workshop. The workshops take place right here at the store on 1204 Chestnut Street.

The room was filled with women of all ages from their 20s to 60s. A list of topics to be discussed was hanging on the wall so you knew what you were getting into before the event started. To ease your mind about what it’s like to be in a room full of strangers, talking about sex, there were ground rules that everyone came up with together. Loreal starts by asking, “What would be helpful to make this be a comfortable space for you?”

Most of the women chime in with their answers. One of my favorites was that someone mentioned no judging. Loreal took this a step further. She said everyone judges; what’s more important is that we try not to condemn others for their differences or ideas. I really liked that sentiment because it’s true. It’s hard not to judge, we’re human. But not condemning is possible.

The "Vegas" Rule

Another rule that I liked was the Vegas rule. Instead of saying that we can’t take what was said out of the space, it was that we could say it but had to not identify WHO said it. And of course, the most important rule of them all was to have fun. That is after all, the biggest goal of these workshops because sex is fun.

Getting Started

Loreal started everyone off with an icebreaker after the ground rules were set. It got everyone to loosen up and ready to talk about sex. It gave people ideas and allowed all the women to loosen up.

It was a fun environment, which was the goal. Everyone was opening up, but that may have also had to do with the wine being served. There were interesting comments being said and everyone had slightly varied responses as to why they were there. Some thought it would be a fun event to attend with friends on a quiet Sunday afternoon, others wanted to specifically know more about blowjobs, while others were just curious.

Before she got into the techniques, she described, in biological terms, the male sexual response cycle. This was helpful as a base understanding of what turns men on and an idea of what they can and cannot control. Loreal also talked about the male erogenous zones; she only mentioned 5 but she said there were more.

We learned that an orgasm is a brain reaction. It shuts down the frontal lobe where reasoning and decision making occurs. You’re essentially losing control when you have an orgasm. That gave me an a-ha moment. If partners have ever said or done strange things after climaxing, that’s why.

Tips and Techniques

Then it was time to move on to the tips & techniques. I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say I learned a lot. Loreal had interesting names for techniques using your tongue… ones like under pressure, butterfly, and tunnel of love.

Before we realized it, 2 hours had flown by and it was over. Everyone was having so much fun. I know I walked away with new knowledge that I will be trying out on my next partner.

If this sounded interesting to you, join us at our next event! We have others beside Blow Me Away like Getting Her Off, Art of Self Pleasure, and Tease & Please. Classes are generally once a month. Some months are skipped because they’re usually busy times for everyone like around the holidays.

Check in at TheVelvetLily.com or Facebook and Twitter for more information on upcoming events! Hope to see you at the next one! 

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