Wednesday Workshop Spotlight

Wednesday Workshop Spotlight

Posted by Roxie on 16th Feb 2019

Imagine you’re with someone, making out, when things start to get more intense, you feel your heart speed up and you’re in the mood and ready to have things get a little sexier. But what’s actually happening in your body? What chemicals are being released that put you in the mood? And how can you recreate that feeling time and time again?

Katelyn Regan, our guest presenter and licensed sex educator is here to tell you what chemical cascade is flooding your brain and body when love and lust take over. Join us this Wednesday, February 20th to learn exactly what’s going on in your body as you start to get in the mood.

In our Science of Seduction workshop you won’t just learn what’s happening to your body, you’ll learn how to use your new knowledge to tease and please by exciting all of your partner’s senses. So join us and bring all the questions you have! Katelyn and The Velvet Lily will be sure to set you up for success in seduction.

The workshop takes place 6:30-8:30PM and tickets can be purchased here for $25. On top of the workshop, you will also enjoy light refreshments. And don’t forget to check out our website and bring your wish list because you get 10% off any in-store purchases you make that day! So join us and sign up before spots run out!

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