The Clitoral Renaissance with Eva by Dame

The Clitoral Renaissance with Eva by Dame

Posted by Kit @ The Velvet Lily on 13th Mar 2018

Eve…according to Western religion, was the first woman to have sex thus populating the world, responsible for the woe of the world, and so on and so forth. So it is of no surprise that the Eva, a new vibrator by Dame Products, is taking its rightful place as creator of pleasure and all things orgasmic by giving birth to a revolution in sex. Whether sex with yourself or partner(s) the Eva is designed to provide hands-free successful clitoral stimulation. Made from medical grade silicon and with flexible wings, the Eva is designed for comfort and accessibility for all bodies. Positioned on top of the clitoris and with wings gently tucked under the lips of the labia majora, the Eva is a perfect fit for all that prevents slippage, tangling, and worse… orgasm!

The Eva, was created with the female anatomy and female orgasm in mind. Not all of us climax to penetration only. In fact, most of us don’t! The Kinsey Institute provides research saying that 70% of us women need clitoral stimulation to reach that BIG O! And that Big O is indeed reached with the Eva. Dame Products holds true to their mission; “to openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind.” Eva’s mind-blowing technology allows you to masturbate or have penetrative sex with partner(s) and reach climax in ways not thought impossible. The three level vibrations, slow medium and high, provide the perfect stimulation. Combine the vibrations with the thrusting pressure from your partner, and the Eva will have you curling your toes and bucking your hips wildly.

Downside of the Eva…. Well I have yet to discover any.  It's water-resistant, medical grade silicone, simple and easy clean-up, powerful vibrations, and rechargeable. Get your Eva vibrator today and cum with me and other women around the world who have invested in this wonderful product.

Made by women for women! 

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