The Art of Naming Your Sex Toy

The Art of Naming Your Sex Toy

Posted by Cierra Adair @ The Velvet Lily On 12th May 2015

Sex toy Names?  Are we serious, yes we are. Guys name their cars, so clearly women should be naming their sex toys. All of our favorite toys need to have a name to give them that personal touch.

Naming an inanimate object may not be at the top of your priority list, but it should be. It will give your sex toy an identity or a persona of its own. This will make it much easier to incorporate an actual person into your imagination during your under the cover nightly activities… if that’s what you’re into, which it should be (masturbation is something that we all should be into). Now, naming your sex toy might sound a little odd, but trust me when I tell you that it is not that crazy of an idea. So many of us are doing it but choose to keep it on the down low for fear of dying of embarrassment if one of our friends ever found out. But this is not something to be embarrassed about; it is something to be done with a light heart and an open mind. My friends and I often compare the names that we have come up with for our own sex toys and even joke about them.

How to Name Your Sex Toy

When one is naming one’s pleasure device, you really have to delve deep...into your vagina that is or whatever orifice is being penetrated. Whose name do you want to scream out in the throes of pleasure? Whose face do you want to imagine seeing?

Attached to a name can be a person, either real or fictional, no one is judging you. And hey, no one will ever find out unless you choose to divulge that juicy piece of information. It could be that guy from the office who you have been secretly crushing on, that celebrity whom you will never get 5 minutes alone with in real life, or even the character from your favorite adult novel. It can literally be anyone that you find personally attractive.

Use Your Imagination

Imagination is key. It leads to a stronger visual image in your mind which can enhance your pleasure if you need that extra boost during masturbation. For some people this visual image fills the hole of a sexual partner that the toy alone, without a name cannot.

Naming your sex toy should be a fun experience. Do not overthink it and just go with what gets your creative juices flowing.