Product Review: We Vibe Sync

Product Review: We Vibe Sync

Posted by Roxie on 26th Jan 2019

The We-Vibe Sync is, far and away, our best selling couples toy, so it’s appropriate for me to review it right before Valentine’s Day! With its adjustable C-shape, powerful vibrations, and accompanying app, it’s easy to see why the Sync is so popular. This toy is extremely versatile with a sleek shape that allows it to sit on the g-spot and clitoris and still allow for penetrative sex underneath, meaning the penetrating partner also reaps the (vibrating) benefits. Plus, the app allows you to create your own vibration patterns and operate it from ANYWHERE in the world, making it great whether your partner is right next to you or halfway across the globe!

While this toy is, undoubtedly, amazing, I definitely had my doubts when I was given one to review. The toy is often targeted toward cisgender, heterosexual couples and always struck me as best for people who have an established sexual relationship. So, as a single lesbian who is mostly masturbating or having casual, one night stands with women, I wasn’t sure I’d get the same enjoyment out of it. However, as soon as I used it with a partner, I was surprised by how much I loved it. As far as masturbation goes, it’s definitely a lot of fun and being hands free allows me to use the app while I’m wearing it or use a dildo along with it, but its real strength is during sex.

Despite the fact that that Sync is mostly purchased by and marketed to cisgender, heterosexual couples, I managed to find plenty of ways to use it with another woman. Between the remote and the app, we had a lot of fun. And even though the woman I was using it with did not have a penis, she was still able to use her fingers underneath it and push it to hit all the right places. Plus the fact that it was completely hands free gave us a lot of freedom to use our hands for...other things. I haven’t used the long distance function on it yet but it was so much fun during sex and I enjoy it enough during masturbation that I, personally, haven’t found a reason to use that function, at least not yet.

Clearly, I enjoyed this toy, and, in retrospect, it’s really not a surprise given its many features. Each end of this c-shaped product has its own, powerful motor; combine that with a bracketed neck that’s adjustable in 2 places and you have powerful vibrations that you can place right on your clitoris and g-spot. Plus, open it up and it can be used as a shaft massager! You can use the app to control the vibration of each motor independently, create your own vibration patterns, or have it vibrate to music. It’s also great for public play because of its discreet design and quiet vibrations, meaning you can wear it under your clothes without anyone noticing. Add that to the fact that it’s USB rechargeable, waterproof, and can be used during penetrative sex and you have the perfect couples toy. And, if you weren’t already convinced, it also comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

So, look no further, come buy the We-Vibe Sync or order it online to make your Valentine’s Day and sex life more fun, more pleasurable, and more high-tech!

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