OVO Sex Toy Brand Review - Toys with Great Price Points.

On 9th Jul 2013

In the search for something sophisticated but not over-the-top priced, I ran across some new products that are really exciting me.  OVO, a German company, recently created an entire line of innovative vibrators. I fell right in love and we are now carrying the whole line of products.  

Talk about discreet; OVO has created bullets that are not only functional, but inconspicuously blend into your everyday life. The W1 bullet is made of soft silicone and is priced only slightly more than the cheap silver abs plastic or metal bullets found in the market.  Made with a harder silicone texture, is the W2.  The W2 looks like it could have been sold in an Apple store and has the same intense vibration that the W1 has.  We are definitely carrying extras of these two. 

From the moment you feel the velvet texture and see the sleek rounded design of the B10 vibrating cock ring, you will know that you have found something worth looking at.  The stretchable silicone ensures a snug fit for men while allowing stimulation to the perineum, and with a female partner, clitoral stimulation. The sleek design isn’t embarrassing like other vibrating rings and the packaging is extremely clean and gift worthy.

If you are looking for a more advanced couple’s toy, check out the T1 by Ovo.  It resembles a futuristic remote control so your family or visitors won’t even guess that it is an object of pleasure.  The T1 can be used for external pleasure on both female and male anatomy.  Make it part of your foreplay.

The Rabbit Style vibrators, K4 and K5, along with the soft velvet-like silicone, have different pulse patterns and a welcoming curve to allow a long reach into her erogenous zone.  The design allows functionality in massaging the clitoris at the same time as allowing ample area coverage.

OVO has won honorable mention by Red Dot Design 2013 and personally, I have not been disappointed by any of their products.

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