May the Force Be With You - The Neon Wand Sex Toy Review

May the Force Be With You - The Neon Wand Sex Toy Review

Posted by Kit @ The Velvet Lily on 6th Mar 2018

The Neon Wand is every Star Wars junkie and BDSM fetishist dream come true.

Ever since we were children we have been told electricity is dangerous and to heed caution.  Well, as I once learned as a bold and audacious child who dared touch an electric fence, repeatedly, electricity is friend not foe.  The Neon Wand is produced by Kink Lab, and is a decedent of the Electric ray wand family. Electric ray wands, also known as Violet Rays, were created in the early 20th century as a medical tool to apply high frequency, high voltage, low current to patients during therapy. They were later marketed as medical devices to cure anything from cancer, acne, wrinkles, tuberculosis, and depression.  

Electric ray wands consist of a Tesla coil that converts electricity into electric charges; however, the Neon Wand is a solid-state device making it less powerful and more price friendly than a typical violet wand. The Neon Wand is lightweight and has lower maximum settings making it safer and more accessible for beginners. The sensation is similar to the static charge felt when rubbing ones feet on the carpet and touching a door handle except it is a constant tingle instead of a momentary zap. The force of the charge can be adjusted from a slight tingle to a strong spark by using the dial on the base of the unit.  Once on the electrical charge proceeds up the toy and comes out at the end of the wand there are numerous diverse attachments which can be inserted to transfer the charge to your lover's body. 

The most common of attachments are glass electrodes that are filled with noble gasses.  While delivering a stimulating charge the glass attachments emit a neon glow, hence the name. Glass attachments come in many styles for the Neon Wand including the Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90 degree Probe, and Tongue Tube. Each provide a unique form of stimulation and high levels of intensity for safe BDSM and sensation play.  The Mushroom Tube and the Tongue Tube will distribute electrical charge over a larger area of the body;therefore, have a much milder sensation than the 90 degree Probe and Electrode Comb.  

Direct Stimulation: For direct stimulation place desired attachment into wand and then plug into wall.  Use the dial to turn on the Neon Wand, and always be sure to start on the lowest setting and increase intensity slowly and carefully. Slowly run the wand above your partners skin as static is released.  Pull away to decrease stimulation and get closer for more powerful stimulation. Increase electrical current by turning the dial clockwise; counter clockwise to decrease. 

Indirect Stimulation: Indirect stimulation can be quite exciting.  Indirect Stimulation means that you are not directly holding the Neon Wand to your partner, but rather transfering current from your body to theirs through a special attachment.  In order to achieve Indirect Stimulation you must acquire a Power Tripper for the Neon Wand.  Plug the power tripper into the wand.  After attachment is plugged in place the attachment in contact with your body, perhaps holding it in one hand, tucked into underwear, or somewhere creative that it will remain in constant contact with your body.  Turn the Neon Wand on to produce current flow throughout your body.  The electrical current will flow across the entire skin and with a single touch of your partner will produce tingles at every caress of your fingers or tongue. It is also possible to transmit current to your partners body by holding metallic items such as a KinkLab pinwheel, barrel roller, and flogger.  

Pre-Cautions:  The Neon Wand is not for use of pregnant women or people with electronic implants.  There are certain parts of the body you must be sure to stay away from including the heart.  Before use be sure to remove all jewelry and never use near water. Turn Neon Wand off after each use and before changing attachments.   

Cleaning: To sterilize your electrodes clean them gently with at least 75% alcohol. Do not turn on wand until alcohols is fully dry and evaporated.

Awesome tip: Body oils and lotion can increase of the sensations of the Neon Wand so try it with a message oil or lotion next time for enhanced pleasure

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