Hands-free Orgasms with Eva

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Cute, compact, and rechargeable, the Eva vibrator delivers hands-free, clitoral stimulation. Dame Products produced this revolutionary vibe with women in mind, yet it can be worn by anyone with a vulva, and can provide fun for partners with a penis during penetration. The Eva is made with body safe, water resistant silicone, has three speeds, and is USB rechargeable. It is easy to wear, clean, and use, for people who want to add in a simple, but electrifying, vibrator, for their sex life, or for solo use.

The Eva has two wings, one on each side, that hook under the labia majora, so it can stay put either during sex or masturbation. This can work better for some people, depending on the anatomy of their vulva. For those with a larger labia majora, and smaller labia minora, the Eva will stay much more easily. It will not move or fall out during position changes, and can provide excellent clitoral stimulation. However, for those with a smaller labia majora, and larger labia minora, the Eva may not stay as well as one may hope. In my experience, the Eva fell out if I tried to switch to a position other than missionary. So while it stayed, the instances in which it would stay were limited. But do not fret, there are solutions to this possible problem, as the Eva could be kept snug and still in a harness.

The harness compatibility of the Eva makes it fantastic for couples in which both members have vulvas, or if you plan on pegging a partner. Once placed, a strap-on harness can help keep the Eva from falling out, while it provides stimulation, so both parties can be stimulated during sex. If you do not have, or want, a sexual partner, the Eva can be used as a solo vibrator, secured with underwear if necessary to prevent slipping. Meanwhile, the three vibration speed settings allow for variation according to how sensitive the person wearing the Eva is. While the first speed is fairly mild, the second and third speeds are significantly stronger. Keep in mind, the Eva is not super quiet, especially when switched up to a higher vibration speed. So while it is very small and portable, the volume of the vibe is not as low as others.

So would I recommend the Eva? Absolutely. Although it comes with its complications, such as the possibility of falling out, or maybe even the sound, it is overall a good product. It stays put with most vulvas, and in multiple positions, depending on your anatomy. If needed, the Eva can still be enjoyed while being secured with underwear or a harness. It can be used by both partners, and solo users alike, while the three vibration speed settings can intensify or relax the fun. And when it is all said and done, the Eva can be washed with either toy cleaner, or antibacterial soap and water, then charged with it’s USB plug in cord. So you can enjoy hands-free orgasms for days to come.

Material: Medical Grade Silicone

Harness Compatible: Yes

Vibration Strength: Variable, moderately strong

Rechargeable: Yes

Warranty: One Year

Provider: Dame Products

Water Compatibility: Water-resistant, do not submerge

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