Sex Shop or Sex Toy Shop?

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That which we call a sex shop by any other name would still sell sex toys just as sweet .....said Shakespeare I am sure. 

What is a sex shop?  A sex shop, commonly known as a sex toy store, is a retailer, like The Velvet Lily, that sells adult toy products related to sex.  Despite this simple and transparent definition of a sex shop there are many preconceived notions surrounding sex shops that lead individuals astray.  Perhaps this is due to the elusive sex and porn shops of the past where it was not uncommon to find glory holes and peep shows in the back, or perhaps this is due to the fact that there is still very minimal dialogue about sex toy stores and even sex.  Sex shops and what they offer have greatly evolved.  No longer a seedy store no one wants to be seen leaving, sex shops have become safe havens for exploration and expression of one's sexuality. Customers, now proud to be seen leaving with purchases, can attest to the progress that sex stores and society have made.  Human sexuality is a vast and broad spectrum; therefore, stores carry numerous products for everyone of all genders and sexualities.  Now while there does exist the infamous store or two that remind us of those Times Square days before Disney, sex shops and toy stores are a place of knowledge, growth, and comfort.  

The Velvet Lily prides itself on being an evolved sex shop that transitioned the stereotypical to the original.  Female owned and operated, The Velvet Lily presents an atmosphere of acceptance and education for all that enter.  Those that abandon the assumptions of what the store may be and cross the threshold of The Velvet Lily are pleasantly surprised to discover that The Velvet Lily encourages customers to explore their sexuality and pleasures in a safe and healthy way.  We do so by offering body safe and high quality toys, lingerie for all body types and sizes, informative literature, workshops covering topics from oral sex to BDSM,  and a variety of sex accessories. The Velvet Lily has evolved from what many think a sex store is into an establishment which equips customers with the appropriate tools they need for better, healthier, and safer sex lives. With certified and educated staff The Velvet Lily provides customers with an array of information not merely about products, but safe sex practices, resources, and other useful information.  

There are those that are inquisitive about what lies behind the grey curtain separating the store and the mysterious space in the back. What is behind the big grey curtain? Behind our big grey curtain is....our work space where we offer educational workshops by certified sex professionals, a fridge for lunch, and a few pairs of shoes for when its just been a long day and we can't take our torturous heels anymore. What is not behind our curtain? Sex. The Velvet Lily is adamant that we do not offer sexual favors or acts.    With a wide array of vibrators, dildos, anal and prostate toys, male masturbators, BDSM toys, bondage accessories, lingerie, lubes, oils, and even art work, The Velvet Lily is a sex toy store that exists to provide professional advice and quality toys where all customers are welcome.  

Still want to shop our erotic toy collection?  Lets go to The Velvet Lily Sex Toy Shop - Click Here!

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